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INIURIA DeathMetal from Holland! In january 2005 5 guys decided to form the death-metal band INIURIA. From day 1 the plans are quite clear; PLAY BRUTAL DEATHMETAL the way it used to be! To INIURIA this means; no keyboards, violins and stuff like that. INIURIA originally was formed by: Herrie: vocals, Gerben: drums, Matthew: vocals, Roy: bass and Bryan: guitar. All these members had experience playing some years in different grind-/hardcore bands, but when Bryan showed up the music changed drasticly and became more DeathMetal-a-like, and so the story of INIURIA began. Influenced by bands like SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, INHUME, DEATH, TRAUMA, BENIGHTED, AUTOPSY and many many more. In 2005 Berthil joined in as 2nd guitarplayer. Berthil, who used to play Rockmusic, came with some fresh ideas for the band. After a while playing with these 6 members Matthew decided to quit INIURIA. After 1 year struggling on and rehearsing the band went into the VisionSounds studio to record the First MCD called ‘Lethal dose’ (released feb. 2007) Guest-vocals by Ben (SKULLHOG/INHUME) considered to be a nice alternative for the missing 2nd singer (Matthew). In january 2007 Berthil left INIURIA to be more productive in his rock band (KLEAZER). After a while INIURIA found a good replacing guitarplayer in the form of Jan. Currently INIURIA is writing new material for the upcoming full-length album and therefore is looking for gigs and labels who might be interested in any way in INIURIA. In October 2007 vocalist Herrie decided to quit INIURIA. He’s focusing his energy on different ways to express his anger and frustrations on society’s faults. INIURIA has found a enthousiastic new vocalist listening to the name ‘Ka’. Ka (is named Chris) is a guy from Almelo with some experience in kinds of different ways of making music nowadays. He has a great growl and great ideas about lyrics and vocaling our new tracks. INIURIA is still going strong, even stronger than ever! Shirts are available now. October 2008:INIURIA is proud to announce that we will head into the studio record a split-album with our friends from GINDBASHERS This album will be released in may 2009 and will represent the sound of INIURIA nowadays and the current state of mind we’re in. Feb 2009: 5 new tracks are ready and recorded @ Fredde’s Dirty Bird Productions. These tracks will be released by ourselves in a strictly limited 500 copies!

http://www.iniuria.nl/ http://www.myspace.com/iniurianl http://nl-nl.facebook.com/pages/Iniuria-death-metal-from-the-Netherlands/107071362698619

COTE D’AVER It all started back in 1997, when Gerard Frijlink and Herman Uiterwijk (Necronomical Crucifixion (R.I.P.)) had already the idea of starting a new Death-grind act. The name was already there as it is today: Côte d’Aver, wich simply means ‘cadaver’.

About 6 years later we finally found some members to jam with us, Miquel Schuitema (ex-Philosopher) on guitar, Wiebe Otten as 2nd vocalist and Peter Visscher (Bowel Rupture, ex-Cantara and ex-Asgard) as bass-player. After jamming with some other guitar-players (Bart Winters, Fokko de Haan and Cornelis Visser) we recruited Erwin Greven (Bowel Rupture and ex-Grinroth) as our 2nd guitar-player, Erwin was kicked out of Grinroth and knowing how he owns his guitar we immediately asked him to fill in Cote d’Aver. Unfortunately in March 2006 Erwin leaves Cote d’Aver for another band, wich is more his style and closer to his home.

In March 2005 we recorded our first promo (live @ De Buze), wich had some cool reviews worldwide with some kick-ass artwork from Mike Majewski (Vocalist for the Texas band Devourment). Through this promo, Cote d’Aver got several gigs all over Holland with various bands. Here’s a list of bands we have shared the stage with since we started giving live-shows:

Abducted, Bile, Bloodbastards, Devious, Tears Of Decay (Ger), Led Astray, Morblast, Severe Torture, Degrade (S), Despondency (Ger), Defeated Sanity (Ger), Massmurder, Infested (Ger), Resection (Ger), Pleurisy, Division 666, Bowel Rupture, The Soulshakers, Transylvania, Another Face, No Regrets, Carmen, Scheldgeweld, Sanguinary, The Monolith Deathcult, Massmurder, Last Fear, Desensitised, Toxocara, Bowel Rupture, Iniuria, Orpheo, See My Solution, Dimaeon, Mister Monster, Expulsion, Gheestenland, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (FR), Stoma, Rasawr, Antinomus, Obscenity (Ger), Moker (B), Grindminded, Medecophobic (Ger), Sinister, Sanatorium (SLO), Corpsefuckin Art (I), Begging For Incest (Ger), Provocation (Ger), Darkall Slaves (FR), Putrid Inbred (B), Entombed (S), Dark Age (Ger), Sadist (I), Goryptic (F), Burden Of Grief (Ger), Belphegor (P), Leng T’che (B), DrDoom, Onheil, Led Astray, Massive Assault, No Consent, Jungle Rot (USA), Fleshcrawl (Ger), Collapse 7 (AT), Devious, Warmaster, Downswitch (DK), Walking Corpse (UK)

In 2007 we started recording our debut-CD “Masticated Flesh” containing 11 tracks with grinding brutality, in 2008 we released this CD on ourslelfs and are still searching for a label who’s willing to release it officially.

Current Line-up:

Drums: Herman Uiterwijk Guitar: Miquel Schuitema Bass: Peter Visscher Vocals: Wiebe Otten Vocals: Gerard Frijlink

http://www.myspace.com/cotedaver https://nl-nl.facebook.com/Cotedaver.deathgrind http://www.cotedaver-webswamp.nl/

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