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Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Nathan Kalish & The Wildfire deliver a sonic stew that sounds much more at home in a backwoods swamp. Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire is an energetic, southern-tinged rock and roll band, with a sound that could be likened to what alt-country was before that wuss Ryan Adams got a hold of it. Think an engaging blend of Americana that lands somewhere between Tom Petty and Jack White. Combine muscular riffing with shimmering jangle, healthy doses of psychedelic folk and classic songcraft into all of this and there ya go.

These Yankees aren’t afraid to admit that rock n’ roll hits a high point when it dips deep into its southern-fried roots. Be sure to catch these boys on their European adventure..!

http://www.nathankalish.com http://www.tj-concerts.eu/band.php?lan=uk&id=99 http://www.facebook.com/nathan.kalish.50?fref=ts

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