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After millenia of extensive touring, AC/DC-UK are now widely considered to be Europe’s premier tribute to rock legends AC/DC. Their highly energetic live show covers every era of AC/DC’s lengthy career from 1976’s ‘High Voltage’ through to 2008’s ‘Black Ice’. Including noisy, banging, firing cannons ” The Strip ” and ” The Shoulder Ride Through The Crowd “

At an AC/DC-UK show, you WILL hear classic hits such as Thunderstruck, Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Rock & Roll Train etc along with many more anthems from the Gods of rock-n-roll !!!

Each band member’s passion for AC/DC has brought them together to form the closest show you are ever likely to see in honour of the best rock band ever !! We don’t claim to be ” The ” AC/DC show, we leave that for others fools to claim !! What we do claim is to give you 2 hours of your fave Acca/Dacca tracks in proper music venues with great atmospheres, at a sensible price.

If you haven‘t seen AC/DC-UK before, check out the gig guide, and get yourself to one of the venues around the country for a 2 hour set of high voltage rock-n-roll. Hope to see you there if you dare !!! Beware of more expensive inferior imitations !!!

http://www.acdcuk.com/ http://www.facebook.com/AcdcUk

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