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The band started out in 2008 and turned out to be a real head turner from day one, performing on major festivals throughout Holland, organizing events with graffiti-artists, VJ’s, percussionists, poets, guest appearances, dancers and whatnot, even playing in forensic psychiatric centers and winning the audience award in every single band battle they participated in.

Then, somewhere in the beginning of 2013, changes were made in the formation of the band, making Lars Posthumus (saxophone) leave the group and bass guitarist Manus Boerlage take Elmor Rosina’s place in it. They took a short break from performing, focusing solely on writing new material and the recording of a new EP called ‘Funky beast’, which was released in April 2014. With the coming of this long awaited, psychedelic, sex, drugs and rock-invested piece of raw, funky beauty, the band has proven to have pushed itself onto an even higher level than before, resulting in a jam-packed release party where the crowd unanimously begged for more. And more will come! Wet T-Shirt Contest is back and ready to blow your mind.

Wet T Shirt Contest is: Tim van Furstenberg - vocals Remco Schilder - guitar, vocals Louis Carlebur - drums, vocals Manus Boerlage - bass guitar

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