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SPIT was started in 2008 in the midst of a heat wave. Having leaped onto the Amsterdam rock scene and spreading like wild fire we are still rocking it loud today. If you don’t know us from our energetic live shows please go and see a doctor, you may just be deceased.

SPIT is:
Arjen - Vocals
Our singer Arjen Koekoek a.k.a. Koeks makes up both front and rear of SPIT. People flock from far and wide to see the sweat drip from every pore during his stage antics. With a voice that can tear ear drums at 50 yards Koeks is a true rock god in disguise….. a very good disguise indeed. Let yourself be drawn in…….

Daan - Guitars
Daan Riedijk is better known as Danish. You decide if it is because of his name or his smelly feet. He would have loved to have been the love child of Slash and Axl Rose, but as that wasn’t possible without the devil’s intervention he decided to become a bad ass guitar player….. and a player he certainly is.

Jasper - Guitars/Vocals
Jasper de Haan a.k.a Poco is our other guitar player, but he also feels right at home behind the piano and even takes care of most of the backing vocals. Spicing things up with his juicy chords and tasty solos, just never forget that Poco rhymes with Loco…. oh and Coco… and…..

Harry - Bass/Vocals
Harry “Yet Another Bass” Berman takes care of the low end and backing vocals in the band. His continued search for tonal bliss makes him change his gear more than his underwear, …….but hey the bass player has the right to be a little odd right? He likes it bottom heavy, a little dirty and round (…you dirty little boy or girl).

Rob - Drums/Vocals
Rob van Dijk is our drummer, and he quite simply beats the sh*t out of his kit. Like an ultimate SM master he deals both in punishment and pleasure and makes sure the dark forces that make up SPIT stay in check. Gimp suit anyone? Whip and lubricants included as required.

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